Leaders take teams to places that are new but sometimes it is hard to know what path to take, or if people will follow. Our professional coaching team will help you find that path and stay on it. We support teams and individuals with personalized coaching that tackles the hard questions and offers guidance towards your objectives. 


Strategic Planning

From your business structure, to your brand, to your event, planning with a purpose is important to achieve success.

We will work with you to create:

  • Mission | Vision | Values
  • Objectives | Strategies | Bridges
  • Action plans

We help you think in advance about potential problems and opportunities.


Meeting Facilitation

Keep your meeting on track and on point. With years of experience in meeting facilitation, direction, and organization, we will work to ensure you have a productive meeting accomplishing the goals you set out. We can also help with:

  • Mediation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Succession planning
  • Brainstorming

Regardless of your meeting content a professional facilitator can help draw out feedback and focus conversation to help you accomplish your objectives.


Board of Directors Facilitation

Ensure that your board of directors is a high-performing team working towards the goals of your business. Through planning, developing strategy, and facilitation, we can create a board’s direction and set them up to succeed in its role through:

  • Governance Model Development
  • Directional Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution

Succession (It’s All About the People)

You’ve invested blood, sweat, and tears to make your business successful, but it’s time to move on. There are so many questions that need to be answered, and sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Will it succeed without me? Who on staff is vital to our business, and who do we have to backfill if something changes with them? My son/daughter wants to take over, but am I sure I want them to? I’m afraid someone will be unhappy with my decision. Learn how to sort through the questions of succession and build a plan to give your business the best chance at long-term success for the future. Impact Group can help make succession planning easier. This program can be taught in one 1- or 2-day sessions.


Personal Coaching

With the pressures that supervisors, salespeople, and owners feel with their business, they need a support mechanism. That’s why we offer one on one personalized coaching. It provides you a time to talk through the challenges your company is facing and about strategies for the future without fear of the work environment pressure. Our one on one training gives you the freedom to explore new ideas in a non-biased and objective environment. We provide an objective sounding board and support to navigate through the complexity of project issues and people issues. 


Customized Programs

If you have a complex challenge, we can customize a coaching program that will provide access to a business coach who will help you navigate the important components and develop a plan to help you overcome the barriers. With a customized coaching program, you'll have a specific plan built just for you.